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Adolf Brodbeck GmbH + Co. KG
Rebenstrasse 11
72555 Metzingen
Telefon +49 71 23/96 86-0
Fax +49 71 23/96 86-20

In successful operation the world over:
Core and tube cutters from Brodbeck
Whether you need to wind, finish or cut cores or tubes made of paper, cardboard or plastic: you have come to the right address at Brodbeck GmbH. As the technology leader in our field, we have specialized in the manufacture of high-end machines and customized plants for core, tube and film manufacturers, printers and paper producers. Also part of our range: machines for convolute wound tubes used in the textile industry.
Core cutters
Core cutters
Index cutters
Universal cutters
Multiple knife cutters
Plastic core cutters
Convolute winders
Finishing machines
Specialist machines
AHT 3-1000