Multi-ID Core Cutter UNI 55-2300A
For burr-free cutting of cardboard cores of different diameters on the same cutting mandrel.

The mandrel fits the whole range of diameters. Tool change is not necessary !
Mode of operation
  • The tubes are fed onto the cutting mandrel
  • The cutting mandrel´s diameter is smaller than the inner diameter of the core and therefore suitable for the whole range of core IDs
  • The cutting length is entered at a terminal then the machine is started by a button
  • First a trim cut is made, next the core is divided into the corresponding cutting length programmed
  • A pusher ejects the separate pieces off the mandrel
  • Operating Terminal for programming the required cutting length and amount of pieces
  • Positionable Knife-Holder, incl. circular knife and absorber unit
  • Driven Knife with speedcontrol for cutting also heavy walled cores
  • Positionable Servo Axis for cutting unit
  • Auto-scanning of wall thickness, to prevent knife crashes
  • Discharging unit for cut sections
  • Jet - Lubrication of knife for polished cutting surface and cooling
  • Cutting mandrel with OD 119 mm with easy to change nylon-bushes
  • Safety Devices according CE - conformity
Technical data