UNI 1000 A
Multi ID core cutter UNI 1000 A with automatic infeed.
For burr-free cutting of cardboard tubes with different diameters on the same cutting mandrel.
Mode of operation
  • The tubes are automatically fed into the machine by an infeed system
  • The tubes are separated and positioned in a prism by means of a separating station
  • From the prism, the individual tubes are pushed onto the cutting mandrel
  • The cutting mandrel is smaller than the tube inside diameter, meaning that it fits for the entire diameter range
  • The cut section length is entered and the machine started by pressing a button
  • A trim cut is first performed, after which the tube is divided according to the programmed cut section length
  • A pusher ejects the individual rings off the mandrel
  • Input terminal for programming the required cut section length and number
  • Positionable blade holder including circular blade and absorber unit
  • Blade drive
  • Positionable axis for blade holder
  • Automatic infeed system with tube store and separating station
  • Cutting mandrel dia. 35 mm
  • Levelling elements for correct machine alignment
  • CE safety features
Technical data