Universal multi ID cutter UNI 1000
The name of the UNI 1000 says it all: This is a universally applicable solution for small to medium sized batches with frequently changing tube diameter. The machine cuts cardboard tubes up to 1050 mm length and with diameters ranging from 25 to 150 mm. The tube is simply inserted, and the UNI 1000 adjusts to the diameter. There is no need to change the tool set. The required cut section length and piece number are programmed using a touch panel. The clear pictograms depicting the specially developed control software simplify operation and permit rapid familiarization. After starting the fully automatic cutting process, laser-controlled circular blade positioning ensures precise division of the tube. The cut sections are finally automatically ejected. The universal application makes for extreme flexibility and outstanding time savings, and the ideal combination of reliable design with innovative electronic controls and easy-to-master operation all combine to make the UNI 1000 the ideal choice.
Mode of operation
  • The tube is pushed onto the cutting mandrel
  • The cutting mandrel is smaller than the tube inside diameter, meaning that it fits for the entire diameter range
  • The cut section length is entered and the machine started by pressing a button
  • Using an optoelectronic sensor, the start of the tube is automatically recognized
  • Alternatively, the uncut tube length can be entered
  • A trim cut is first performed, after which the tube is divided according to the programmed cut section length
  • A pusher ejects the individual rings off the mandrel into a provided container
  • Input terminal SIEMENS SIMATIC HMI TP700 for programming the required cut section length and number
  • Positionable blade holder including circular blade and absorber unit
  • Positioning axis for blade holder
  • Cutting mandrel optionally with 35 mm or 25 mm diameter
  • Levelling elements for correct alignment of the machine
  • CE safety features
Technical data