Plastic core cutter
TWIN 4K–2500
For the burr-free cutting of plastic cores with all different types of material property. The machine cuts sections off the core individually to programmable lengths. If required, external and internal chamfering can be supplied for deburring. To achieve an optimum cut surface and narrow length tolerances, the cut surfaces undergo a smoothing process. The complete sequence is PLC controlled and fully programmable.
Mode of operation
  • The core is inserted in the machine
  • The cutting length is programmed and the machine is started.
  • The plastic core is positioned by a servo drive in accordance with the entered cut section length.
  • A first trim cut is performed, after which the core is divided in accordance with the programmed cut section length.
  • The first and last trim cut of the core are ejected separately from the cut sections.
  • Touch panel as input terminal
  • Programmable logic controller (Siemens S7) with self-diagnostic system
  • Dual cutting system programmable using servomotors
  • Station 1: Nose cutting tool for dividing the core
  • Station 2: Chamfering tool for chamfering and smoothing the core
  • Ultra-simple resetting to different core dimensions by programming the relevant core and tooling data
  • Minimum quantity lubrication using a nozzle for smooth cut surfaces
  • Guide rollers above and below with automatic adjustment the plastic core geometry
  • Upper guide roller powered
  • 3-jaw chuck also suitable for heaviest plastic cores
  • Positionable servo axis for core feed
  • Pneumatically controlled ejector with automatic diameter adjustment
  • Waste sorting for the first and last trim cut of the core.
  • Tool set for one core diameter; when using the fixture for internal chamfering with expanding clamping head
  • Levelling elements for precise alignment of the machine
  • CE safety features
Technical data