SD 3 – Paper web grinded in best quality

This grinding system is used where paper webs have to be grinded either on one side or on both sides before winding. These web can be used for the inner or outer layer of the tube. The grinding later results in a seamless transition of the paper webs.

Mode of operation

  • Paper web grinding machine for grinding of narrow paper reels.
  • Comprehensive security devices.
  • Unwinding device for paper reels up to 1.200 mm diameter.
  • Grinding device for the inside and outside edge of the paper web.
  • Rollers for web transportation guarantee a continuous flow-through.
  • Infinitely adjustable speed.
  • Grinding speed can be freely programmed on the control panel.
  • Changes in the reels diameter are recognized by the control in order to adjust the speed of transportation.
  • Re- and unwinding devices are controlled by converters.
  • Optionally a vacuum dust collector can be added.

Technical data

Technical data

Machine speed approx. 60 m/min
Paper reel width approx. 70 - 320 mm
Paper reel diameter max. approx. 1.200 mm
Grinding width max. approx. 30 mm

Datasheet SD 3

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