AHTS 3-1000 - highest quality with large quantities

This machine was designed for large quantities. The cores getting cut by using a knife shaft. Short resetting times due to the simple exchange of knife shaft and cutting mandrel.
Due to the construction, this machine can also be used inline after the winder.

Mode of operation

  • Full-automatic corecuttter for high quantities.
  • Comprehensive security facilities.
  • Cutting mandrel hardened for one tube inside diameter.
  • Section lengths by arranging the knives on the knife shaft.
  • Simple change over by removing the cutting mandrel or the knife shaft.
  • Automatic positioning of the core.
  • Continuous adjustable speed.
  • Waste sorting via optional ejector system or sorting drum.
  • Core magazine can be used as a storage or buffer storage
  • CE – safety devices.

Technical data

Technical data

Core diameter

min. inside:
approx. 38 mm

max. outside:
approx. 90 mm

Wall thickness max. approx. 5 mm

Core length

approx. 1060 mm
Cutting length

min. approx. 15 mm
max. approx. 1030 mm

Cutting speed*

approx. 40 strokes / min
ø 76 x 3 mm, 50 mm length


*depending on quality and
thickness of the core

Datasheet AHTS 3-1000

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