HTE 1200 – easiest handling, small quantitites cut safely

This machine was designed for occasional use in operation and small series.
Due to the simple handling it can be used very flexible.
The cutting system guarantees a burr free cutting of paper cores as well as soft plastic tubes.

Mode of operation

  • Manual cutting machine for small quantities.
  • Two-hand safety system with capacitive safety switch installed in the cone and a push button installed in the knife-shaft.
  • One toolset for each diameter including clamping cone and a cutting disc.
  • The core is pushed over the cutting disc onto the clamping cone.
  • Manual positioning of the core against an adjustable limit stop
  • Cutting depth of the knife can be adjusted using a handwheel with a scale.
  • Blade lubrication for smooth cutting surfaces.
  • CE-saftey devices.

Technical data

Technical data

Core diameter

min. inside: approx. 25 or 38 mm

max. outside: approx. 127 or 180 mm

Wall thickness max. approx. 10 mm

Core length

approx. 1200 mm
Cutting length

min. approx. 8 mm

max. approx. 800 mm

without stop plate:
more than 800 mm possible

Cutting speed*

approx. 36 cuts / min

ø 76 x 3 mm, 50 mm length

*depending on quality and
thickness of the cores

Datasheet HTE 1200

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