CombiCUT 2500A – not only popular with film manufacturers

This semi-automatic core cutting machine is used by customers with medium quantities. Due to the possibility of cutting cores with wall thicknesses up to 18 mm, this is mainly used by film manufacturers.
But this machine is also used in all other industries.
In addition to paper cores, soft plastic tubes can also be cut easily.

Mode of operation

  • Semi-automatic corecutting machine for medium quantities.
  • Comprehensive protective measures for safe operation.
  • One toolset each diameter including core adapter and cutting disc.
  • The core will be placed on a prism and pushed manually into the machine.
  • Cutting length and quantity are programmed on a touch panel.
  • Knife-drive for heavy-walled cores.
  • Cutting sections are pushed out on the attached prism and can be removed easily.
  • The parent length of the core is 2500 mm in standard, optionally expandable up to 3500 mm and 4500 mm.
  • CE – safety devices

Technical data

Technical data

Core diameter

min. inside:
approx. 50 mm

max. outside:
approx. 230 mm

Wall thickness max. approx. 18 mm

Core length

approx. 2550 mm
Cutting length

min. approx. 3 mm
max. approx. 2500 mm

Cutting speed*

approx. 25 cuts / min
ø 76 x 6 mm, 50 mm length


*depending on quality and
thickness of the cores

Datasheet CombiCUT 2500A

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