PAWS 28-3200 – Winding on the highest level

This system is used wherever convolute wound tubes are required. The convolute winding makes it possible to produce particularly thick-walled tubes, which are mostly required in the textile industry as flag cores, among other things. They can also be used as thermal cores in steel industry.
With our new portal system THASYS, a full automation is possible.

Mode of operation

  • Fully automatic tube winding machine for large quantities.
  • Comprehensive security devices.
  • Unwinding device for paper reels up to 1.500 mm diameter.
  • Grinding device for the inside and outside edge of the paper web.
  • Optional gluing by glue rollers or jet gluing device.
  • Tube length freely programmable at the operator terminal.
  • Cutting off the paper web using a cross cutting device.
  • Hard chromed winding spindle with servo drive.
  • Infinitely adjustable speed.
  • Optional cutting device mit cutting mandrel.
  • Installation of THASYS portal is possible.
  • System in different lengths available.

Technical data

Technical data

Tube diameter

min. inside:
approx. 40 - 110 mm

special design:
approx. 33 mm
Tube length approx. 1.000 - 3.200 mm
Paper reel width

min. approx. 700 mm
max. approx. 2.800 mm

Paper reel diameter max. approx. 1.500 mm
Machine speed

approx. 5 - 22 tubes/min

recommended speed:
approx. 20 tubes/min

Datasheet PAWS 28-3200

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