Special transports for special machines

Usually it is sufficient to use standard trucks for machine transports. However, it also happens from time to time that these are not sufficient for the transport of large machines.

In the case of the current machine, the biggest challenge was that it cannot be split in the middle as is usually the case. The machine can only be shipped as one unit. Local conditions, both at Brodbeck and at our customers, do not always allow the use of a mobile crane.

For this purpose, we have been working for some time with the company Volk Maschinentransporte from Pfullingen. With specially developed low-bed trailers, machines can be transported in full service. This means that employees of Volk can completely take over the loading and unloading of machines without crane and forklift.

We would like to thank Volk for the uncomplicated handling and are looking forward to further exciting projects.

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