Core cutter HTE 1200
The HTE 1200 is the ideal solution for occasional use and small production runs. The machine cuts cardboard tubes up to 1200 millimeters in length and with diameters ranging from 25 to 180 mm. After changing the tool set to the required tube diameter, the stop can be fixed at any optional cutting widths between 8 and 800 millimeters. Holding the cardboard tube with the left hand and operating the lever of the circular blade with the right hand, the required number of tubes can be cut with just a few easy movements. The HTE 1200 is equipped with a CE conformed two hand operation system – for your safety. The clear structure, simple operation and practically indestructible design - all make the HTE 1200 an ideal solution.
Mode of operation
  • Tubes are manually loaded onto the cone on which the tube is fixed.
  • The cone can be easily moved along the rotational shaft forwards and backwards. No additional expenditure of work is required to clamp the tube!
  • The load of cutting is taken by the cutting disc installed on the rotational shaft.
  • The required cutting length is to be adjusted on a scale by means of an adjustable stop-plate.
  • The left hand is used to push the tube against the stop-plate, whereas the right hand moves down the knife-shaft.
  • The required rotation of the shaft in order to cut through the tube, only can be activated if the left hand rests against the capacitive safety switch installed inside the cone and the knife-shafts push button is released.
  • This guarantees safety and security when being operated!
  • Blade lubrication for smooth cutting surfaces, also binding the produced paper dust
  • Tube stop manually adjustable depending on the required cut section length
  • Circular knife ø100 x ø40 x 2mm WS
  • Tool set for one inside tube diameter comprising cutting disc and taper
  • CE safety features
Technical data