CombiCut M
For burr-free cutting of cardboard tubes and soft plastic cores.
Mode of operation
  • The tubes are manually inserted into the machine
  • The tubes are driven by a belt drive under the cutting head
  • For cutting, the tube is pushed manually against the previously set stop
  • The pneumatically activated cutting process is initiated by a pushbutton and the tube is cut off in accordance with the set length
  • The integrated blade drive guarantees reliable cutting even of thick-walled tubes
  • The cut sections fall freely to the floor. Longer sections remain on the tube support prism and can so be more easily removed.
  • The CombiCut is offered for tube lengths of 1600 mm and 2500 mm
  • Non-standard lengths are available against a surcharge
  • Tube support prism with stop
  • Lifting rollers to simplify the insertion and positioning of tubes
  • Safety-relevant two-handed operation
  • Pneumo-hydraulic blade infeed. The blade cuts the tube at a constant speed. The cutting quality is improved and blade wear reduced
  • Blade drive installed as standard for cutting thick-walled tubes
  • Blade lubrication for smooth cutting surfaces, also binding the produced paper dust
  • Circular blade 120 x 40 x 2 mm HSS
  • CEE safety features
Technical data