Multi-knife cutter AHT 350 - AHT 500
For cutting cores using a knife shaft. One complete tube is divided per work cycle. Short resetting times due to the simple exchange of knife shaft and cutting mandrel. The production speed can be steplessly adjusted at an operator terminal. Waste sorting directly in the machine. If the waste pieces are not cleanly cut, the machine comes to an automatic stop.
Mode of operation
The tubes are fully automatically fed to the machine from a tube magazine. The separating station ensures that the tubes are rapidly pushed onto the cutting mandrel. As soon as the tubes are reliably stabilized by the counter pressure rollers, they are divided by the knife shaft. This allows up to 70 sections to be cut per cycle. The cut tubes are pushed out of the machine and transported into a waiting container. The trim rings produced on the right and left side can be optionally fully automatically separated.
  • Infeed chute for insertion of cores with photoelectric sensor control to prevent idle running
  • Counter pressure device to support the cutting mandrel using a rubber-coated roller
  • Reinforced cutting mandrel support for heavy-duty cutting
  • Cutting mandrel hardened with pusher and ejector for one tube inside diameter
  • Tapered holder for cutting mandrel to ensure safe, fast mandrel changeover. Cutting mandrel is also ideally centred
  • Tube stop for axial fixing of the tube on the cutting mandrel
  • Fully automatic waste sorting with automatic production monitoring
  • Knife shaft with circular blades and spacer rings for one cut section width.
  • Dual support of the knife shaft
Technical data